Photos TransferPaul

Transfer Photographs

All photograph transferring includes

  • digitise as medium quality JPEG computer image files, other formats available
  • best transfer, but no restoration
  • captured directly to computer using professional photographic and scanning equipment
  • one CD or DVD copy, case and disc printing

35mm slides and negatives

High quality 4000 dpi dedicated slide and transparency scanners

$70 for the first 50 or less
then $1 each

Prints, large negatives and documents

High quality scan to A4 size on professional photo scanner

$80 for the first 50 or less
then $1.20 each

Prints larger than A4, framed prints and paintings, small objects

Price on application and according to project

Slideshow on video DVD

Scanned and digital camera images as a slideshow viewable using your TV and DVD player, includes

  • a video like continuous slideshow of medium resolution photos with crossfade between images
  • easily stopped, started and stepped through each image using a DVD player’s remote control
  • up to approximately 500 photos per DVD
  • DVD may also include full resolution photos as data files accessible with a computer


  • A4 to A1 high quality photographic prints

Photographic Formats Include

  • large negatives
  • digital still image files
  • documents, paintings
  • small objects etc


Photo Prints

35mm slide

35mm slide (positive) 50mm x 50mm, image area 34mm x 23mm

126 slide

126 slide (positive) in 35mm mount, image area 28mm x 28mm

half 35mm slide

Half 35mm slide (positive) in 35mm mount, image area 16mm x 22mm

135 print film (negative) 35mm x 150mm, image area 36mm x 24mm

126 print film (negative) image area 28mm x 28mm

110 print film (negative) image area 17mm x 13mm