Restoration and PresentationGerald

Further restoration ideas for your media

When I see and hear your original media I may make suggestions of how it could be improved, but none of this work would be carried out without consultation and your agreement.


  • closer inspection & more extensive repair of film
  • film fade and colour correction
  • limited dust and scratch damage repair
  • re-order shots and scenes


  • image colour correction
  • noisy picture restoration
  • stabilise shaky camera shots
  • reorder shots and scenes
  • careful removal of unwanted glitches
  • video tape repair and cassette shell replacement


  • colour, fade, exposure and sharpening correction
  • dust, scratch and noisy image repair
  • cropping, masking and special effects
  • digital repair of physical photo damage


  • detailed editing and remixing
  • declick and denoise vinyl records
  • dehiss and denoise tape recordings
  • level correction, compression and expansion
  • normalise levels between tracks and across a CD
  • frequency equalisation and audio sweetening

And better presentation of the result

Film and Video

  • better presented and more easily navigable DVD
  • on disc menu and disc case track list, dates and titles
  • capture stills from video for the cover
  • archival copy as a computer file


  • sort photos on CD by groups into folders
  • slideshow DVD with an on disc menu and music
  • printout of images as thumbnails

Then display your photos as large high quality prints

  • high quality wide format printing to 610mm wide, last up to 100 years
  • A4 to A1 quality prints of treasured photos and digital images
  • thumbnails or montage of many images on A4 to A1 print for framing
  • poster and long sheet printing


  • separate tracks on the CD for each item
  • detailed track listing for case insert
  • copy vinyl LP album cover for case insert

Also available,

quality bulk CD and DVD disc copying including disc and insert cover printing.