Video TransferPaul

Transfer Video Tape to DVD

Transferring includes

  • best quality transfer using real time processing including a Time Base Corrector
  • captured to computer digital format using high quality video transfer equipment
  • general computer editing, clean up and glitch removal, but no other restoration
  • up to 90 min or possibly 120 min per DVD
  • DVD with 3 to 5 min chapters or basic on disc menu as needed
  • one video DVD disc copy, library case, disc and case insert printing

$70 for the first 30 mins or less
then $1.10 per min

Extract content from video DVDs

  • consolidate a number of personal, training or promotional videos, whole or part, to one DVD
  • easy navigation with on disc menu

Computer video

  • conversion from and between most codecs and formats
  • transfer AVCHD video on memory card to DVD
  • transfer contents of hard drive video cameras to DVD
  • convert PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL
  • editing and enhancing

Powerpoint presentation transferred to video DVD

  • for playing as a video on a DVD player
  • using the DVD player’s remote control, presentation will run just like the Powerpoint file on a computer
  • no computer needed and no Powerpoint version compatibility problems

Video Tape Formats Include


VHS 188mm x 104mm x 25mm


VHSC 92mm x 59mm x 22mm


BetaMax 155mm x 96mm x 22mm


std 8mm analog & digital 5mm x 63mm x 25mm


U Matic 220mm x 138mm x 32mm


DVCAM, Mini DV, HDV 66mm x 48mm x 12mm, Full DV 125mm x 78mm x 15mm