Sound TransferPaul

Transfer Sound Recordings

All sound transfer includes

  • best transfer copy, but no other restoration
  • captured directly to a computer digital format
  • separated into CD tracks as needed
  • transferred with high quality original equipment, tape recorders, turntables and pickups
  • one CD copy , case and basic printing

Compact cassette and reel tape

Family chit chat and events, talk, presentation or music items etc..

$60 for first 30 min or less
then $80 per hour

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records 7″ and 12″ diameter.
Older solid core direct cut records, price according to project.

$70 for 1 x 12″ LP33
or 3 x 7″ EP45
or 6 x 7″ std 45rpm

each extra 12″ LP33 $54,
or 7″ EP45 $18
or 7″ std 45rpm $9

Recording formats include

  • compact disc
  • sound on video
  • sound on film
  • most digital sound codecs and formats

Reel to reel tape usually 1/4 inch but up to 2 inch wide, 3 inch to 10 1/2 inch diameter reels

Compact Cassette, 1/8th inch wide tape,
case 100mm x 84mm x 12mm

8 track cartridge, 1/4 inch wide tape,
case 135mm x 100mm x 21mm

78 rpm inflexible record


7″ std & extended play 45 rpm and 33 rpm LP
flexible vinyl records