Transfer and RestorationPaul

Film, Video, Photographs and Sound

The analog media of the last century are degrading and fading away.

Some more quickly than others, but all those memories wrapped up in films, videos, photos and sound recordings are degrading none the less.

The materials on which these media are stored are essentially trying to get back to their original state – and all the recordings contained on them will go with it. The doubly scary part is that in most cases this is the only copy you have.

So what are you going to do about it?

Get it all transferred to a digital medium and preserve it for many generations. Do it before it is too late.


First,  I aim for a best quality transfer of your original material. This is a crucial step and requires great care and well maintained original equipment.

By capturing as much as possible of the original it greatly helps any subsequent enhancement and restoration.


Detailed editing and reorganising , colour correction, video and audio noise reduction, photo damage repair and touch up etc within the computer plus actual repair of the media itself.

The results can often be better than the existing original.

Preservation and Presentation

Preserve in a digital format,  more durable and longer lasting than the original.

Present on a CD or DVD disc or another digital format. Much more accessible and entertaining for family and friends for many years to come.

Representation of original content in ways never before thought of or even thought possible when it was first recorded.

So, How Is It Done?

First I make a best possible digital transfer of your movie films, videos, photographs, and sound recordings.

Second I use recent computer technology and software developments to restore condition and recover content.

Third Preserve your memories for the future and present them in a more durable and accessible digital medium on CD, DVD or USB stick.

Equipment and Facilities

Using a carefully maintained wide range of older and modern equipment dedicated to the recovery of older media including unique and specialised hardware, computers and software dedicated to the recovery, transfer and restoration of older media formats.

I also have access to even older hard to find equipment maintained especially for archival media recovery.

Act Before It Is Too Late

So, gather together all those media memories stored in a box somewhere and contact me for a chat about how I can help you, to retrieve and restore them for you and the next generation.

Please call or email me if there is anything you don’t understand or if you have any special needs.

I am happy to chat and answer your questions.