Media History Timeline

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A timeline of major developments in recording media and technology.  Sort by year and media type etc..

1838PhotoDaguerreotype, a positive photo onlyLouis Daguerre
1840PhotoCalotype process, made a negative to produce printsWilliam Fox Talbot
1851PhotoWet plate collodion processFrederick Scott Archer
1861PhotoFirst known colour photoJames Clark Maxwell
1871PhotoGelatin dry plate processDr. Richard L. Maddox
1877SoundCylinder phonographThomas Edison
1884PhotoFlexible B/W film and paper printingGeorge Eastman
1887SoundGramophone flat discEmile Berliner
1892Film35mm motion picture filmWilliam Dickson and Thomas Edison
1893FilmThe Kinetoscope using a film loop for one person viewingThomas Alva Edison
1895FilmFirst motion picture film exhibited in Berlin
1898SoundMagnetic steel wire and band recordingValdemar Poulsen
1907PhotoAutochrome colour film processLumière brothers
1908PhotoDufaycolor colour transparency filmLouis Dufay
1908PhotoFinlay Colour transparency filmClare L. Finlay
1913FilmFirst talking movie using a cylinder linked to a film projector.Thomas Alva Edison
1913Photo35mm still photography first appearedThe Tourist Multiple
1921Film9.5 mm filmPathe
1922Film16mm filmKodak
1923FilmSound on short films
1925PhotoFirst Leica 35mm still cameraOskar Barnack
1927FilmFirst full length sound on disc movieThe Jazz Singer
1932FilmStandard/Regular 8mm filmKodak
1935FilmKodachrome colour 16mm motion picture filmKodak
1935SoundMagnetic tape recording in GermanyAEG
1936PhotoKodachrome 35mm still filmKodak
1936PhotoAgfacolor transparency filmAgfa
1940PhotoEktachrome slide filmKodak
1942PhotoKodacolor negative process, later used for motion picturesKodak
1946PhotoAgfacolor dye transfer prints (imibibition process)Agfa
1947SoundFirst magnetic tape broadcast in USAJohn T Mullin and Bing Crosby
1948SoundMicrogroove LP recordColumbia Records
1950sSoundMultitrack tape recordingAmpex
1956VideoFirst practical video tape recorder, 2" wide tapeAmpex
1963SoundCompact cassettePhilips
1964Sound8 track cartridgeBill Lear
1965FilmSuper 8mm movie filmKodak
1965PhotoPolacolor (dye diffusion process)Polaroid
1965Video1" reel to reel video tape recorderAmpex
1966FilmSingle 8mm movie filmFuji
1971VideoU Matic video cassette recorderSony
1975ComputerFirst personal computerOlivetti
1975VideoBetamax video cassette recorderSony
1976ComputerApple 1Apple Computer Company
1976Video1" Type C reel to reel video tape
1976VideoVHS video cassette recorderJVC
1977ComputerCommodore PETCommodore International
1975SoundDigital sound recording, professional studios
1981ComputerFirst model IBM compatible PC ComputerIBM
1981SoundCompact DiscPhilips and Sony
1982VideoBetacam SP pro video cassette recorderSony
1984VideoVideo 8 video camcoderKodak
1985VideoVHS-C video cassette
1987VideoSuper VHS video cassette
1990VideoHi-8 mm video cassette
1991PhotoFirst commercially available digital single lens reflex cameraKodak
1995VideoMini DV video camcorderSony
1999VideoDigital 8 video camcorderSony
2003VideoHDV video camcorderJVC
1997VideoDVD video disc
1995SoundFirst “solid state” electronic only sound recorder released.